Citrus Eco Pack


Citrus leafminer is a very common pest on citrus tree. The adult is a small moth (wingspan approximately 5mm) that lays eggs on flushes of new growth. Tiny grubs then hatch and burrow into the leaf. The larvae feed by tunneling their way around leaving tracks or mines (hence their name) all over the leaf. These tracks commonly look like silvery wobbly lines but may also look like a blister on the leaf. Leaves usually become quite distorted and curl up as the larvae start to pupate.

Our Citrus Leafminer Pack is organic and includes the following.

1 X Eco-CLM trap to capture males and reduce population levels
1 X Eco-oil 500ml to spray the new growth ensuring good coverage (top and bottom of leaves). Spray every 5-14 days whenever new growth is present to deter the moth laying fresh eggs.
1 X Flit-Sprayer to spray your citrus tree.


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