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Eradicate Eco Snail Bait does not have any scheduled poisons such as Metaldehyde or Methiocarb, and when used as directed is safe to use across all organic applications.

Unlike metaldehyde, Eradicate Eco can be used up to harvest, with no withholding period.

Eradicate Eco can be used near waterways and does not pose a threat to surface or drinking water. Eradicate Eco is effective on juvenile snails, slugs and slaters.

Active Constituent: 10g/kg Iron Powder.

Application rate: Between 50g/m2 (light infestation) to 150g/m2 (heavy infestation – over 200 snails per m2. After eating Eradicate Eco, snails and slugs stop feeding but do not die immediately. They move away from the bait, so there is no crowding, and die sometime later.

Eradicate Eco works by replacing the copper in the oxygen carrier with iron making it ineffective. Eradicate Eco is made in Australia for Australian conditions and has a rainfast formulation.

Disclaimer: Read the label and follow instructions before use.


No Withholding Periods: Unlike alternatives such as Metaldehyde and Methiocarb, there is no withholding period for ERADICATE, meaning it can be used right up to harvest giving maximum protection.

Rain Fast: Remaining effective even when it’s wet, the active ingredient in ERADICATE pellets slowly degrades over several weeks compared to competitors which degrade rapidly.

Environmentally Friendly & Safe: The active ingredient in ERADICATE is more environmentally friendly and does not accumulate in the environment. Also, unlike others, ERADICATE can be used near waterways and does not pose a threat to surface or drinking water.

Great Value & More Baiting Points: Even the size of ERADICATE pellets is scientifically designed to provide 40% more baiting points than competitors, making it more effective on crops and excellent value for money.

No Crowding of Bait: Snail and slugs stop feeding after eating ERADICATE. They then move away from the bait and die, meaning there is no problem with bait crowding.

Outperforms Competitors: ERADICATE works best in a range of conditions and on a variety of different snails & slugs. In more than 90 scientific trials ERADICATE consistently outperformed competitor products.

Australian Made & Designed: Scientifically designed for the harsh Australian climate, and to deal with the many varieties of snail and slugs that are commonly found in Australia. ERADICATE is proud to be 100% Australian-made and owned.

DO NOT allow pets access to the open bags or boxes of Eradicate as they may be attracted to it and if consumed in large
quantities it may be toxic.


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