Landscaping and Earthwork

At Gardening Direct Australia we can make your landscaping visions a reality! By working with your tastes, budget, and space, we can help create a unique space for you and your family to enjoy.

“The gardeners are absolutely fantastic! I have been so happy with how my garden looks and can only speak highly of their services.”
– Melissa, Kew


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Professional Landscaping and Earthwork

At Gardening Direct Australia we can make your landscaping visions a reality! By working with your tastes, budget, and space, we can help create a unique space for you and your family to enjoy.

With over 10 years within the landscaping industry, our attention to detail, service and reliability has given us the strong reputation we have today for delivering a truly remarkable outcome for our clients. With a range of professional landscaping services in Melbourne, including gardening advice, maintenance and more, we will help you create the garden of your dreams.

Artificial Turf

Our design services focus on creating an area that is easy to maintain and hassle-free. Artificial turf is the perfect solution for anyone who may be time-short, or for anyone who may only have a small area for turf.

Professional install and touch up services are provided.

Mulching Services

Allow us to professionally install mulch around your property or desired area.

Correctly calculated and installed at correct depths to ensure maximum coverage, and retention for weed suppression.

Stepping Stones

Have an area that is looking a bit dull or outdated?

Let us solve that issue for you. Premium design and installation of stepping stones with an attractive rock topping to finalise that look.

Transform your area into a vibrant and inviting landscape.


Quality and professional installation of pavers to any outdoor setting.

We also offer re-laying services for any area’s, which may need a rejuvenation or a spruce up.

Planting & Installation

Allow us to properly install any plants, shrubs, or trees for the desired area. Our planting services help your plants to attain a healthy growth habit and form, which is critical for any fresh plantings.

All plantings are levelled and fertilized with our premium made NPK fertilizer.

Footpath Toppings Install

Correct install of foundation and layers to provide an attractive footpath with toppings.

All areas are properly prepped to ensure maximum stability.

Crushed Rock Re-installing & Replenish

Our hardscaping services focus on getting any sunken or unattractive areas fixed up, and looking presentable.

Our re-installing services help keep your driveway or walkways looking fresh and presentable.

Lawn Installation

Our professional services include turf prep, install, and feeding. To have a perfect lawn, it must be done correctly, which is something many skip on.

Every install includes a fertilizer application and solution to ensure, you get the best out of your newly established lawn.

Trellis Design and Installation

Spruce up your area by having a custom made trellis designed and installed.

Trellis’ can be used as small privacy screens for areas, or for general aesthetics.

Steel Garden Edging Installation

Our custom Everedge is the perfect option for edging any area or landscape.

An excellent product for any newly established landscape because of its attractive and simple look. We also offer soft landscaping services with this install.

Stone / Pebble mulching

Our Hard landscaping services include us mulching your area / landscape with heavy materials.

Let us handle this form of heavy work and install it correctly, to ensure you get the most out of it.

Soft Landscaping Services

Get in touch with us to see how you can transform your area into a modern, and attractive look.

With years of knowledge, we can assist you with plant design, colour work, soil + compost install and spread, and mulching services.

We always feed and touch up all plants to ensure they flourish.

Earth Works in Melbourne

Gardening Direct Australia has the trusted specialist, machinery and equipment for excavations, landscape earthmoving, and earthwork. Being family oriented, our team has built a strong reputation for excellence, reliability and attention to detail within the industry. As our name says, we are an Australian business and work to deliver the highest level of quality and satisfaction in any earthwork job no matter the size.

Call us today to see how our Earthmoving Contractors can help redesign your space today!

As part of our services, our expert landscapers can help plan your garden design from start to finish, which includes earth work preparation, lawn installation, planting and mulching. Once we complete the finished job, we don’t like to just disappear! We can then help to keep your garden looking in top notch shape all year round with our regular garden maintenance services customised to your garden’s needs.

Our landscapers and horticultural gardeners are the best in the trade and fully insured, so you can be rest assured that your garden will be in the best of hands.

Our Earthwork Services include:

  • Land clearing and clean-ups
  • Retaining Walls
  • Commercial earthworks
  • Residential earthworks
  • Swimming pools, gardens, driveways, footpaths and fencing