COR-TEN Landscape Edge 185mm x 1000mm


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Please note – Photo 2 shows the 185mm join and in its pre rust state.

Thickness (gauge) 1.5mm.

Our garden edging is particularly popular at Gardening Direct Australia for all edging requirements. The rust finish complements any existing Cor-Ten features and brings an element of history to the garden. The 185mm depth brings that extra dimension into any garden and is very effective at controlling grass runners – when 30 – 40mm of the actual edge as well as the spikes is hammered into the ground it creates an effective barrier that will stop the runners invading paths or garden beds.

As well as making an attention grabbing feature of garden edging, our Cor-Ten is also extremely effective at defining and separating the different areas of the garden. It holds fast in all soils, keeps a perfect straight line and bends to virtually any shape.

It will permanently and efficiently separate any two elements in the garden.  Unlike most other steel edging, our edging is made from a single piece of steel which incorporates the edge and the spikes. It can easily be bent or curved to form any angle or curve and really is simple to install. 

Our steel garden edging is durable, flexible and the simple solution to maintaining clean and permanent garden edges for lawns, paths, drives and flowerbeds. Each length has six 95mm spikes and an interlocking system that makes it extremely stable and effective. As the spikes and the edge are all made from the same piece of steel there are no extra pins, pegs or joiners.  

The lengths are designed to lock together and keep a level top edge. Each length simply slots into the next and is secured by pushing in the locking tongue.

The end of each metre length is also slightly offset which means the next piece slots in completely flush.

It is easy to form any curve or angle by hand – It will bend to virtually any shape.

It suits all soil types, will effectively separate any two elements in the garden, controls water runoff and lasts for generations.

It is intended to be mown over, where possible the edging should be placed so that the top of the edge is at the bottom of the blade of grass.

It is very effective at controlling grass runners. When 30 mm of the actual edge as well as the spikes is hammered into the ground it forms an effective underground barrier.

It is not damaged by whipper snipping (with the nylon thread).  It provides a permanent edge for lawns (both synthetic and natural) as well as drives, paths, flower and vegetable beds.  It is suitable for all projects both large and small.


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